Jiangsu Joncn Medical Technology Co., LTD. Jiangsu Joncn Medical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Nanjing Joncn Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Danyang Carehope Medical Equipment Co., Ltd are subordinate company of Jiangsu Joncn. We have 15 years of production experience to produce all kinds of medical trolleys, beds, tables, racks and medical equipment and also we are a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing construction equipment for the medical, pension and beauty industry, the main products are automated logistics systems, electronic intelligent care equipment, information systems, smart trolleys, Internet ancillary equipment and specialized care equipment, etc. At present, the factory main produce ward nursing equipment for hospitals, nursing homes and beauty salons, operating rooms and supply rooms, mainly includes: nursing trolley, emergency trolley, anesthesia trolley, clinical trolley, medicine trolley, IV treatment trolley, medical workstation trolley, instrument trolley, equipment trolley, waste collecting trolley, laundry collecting trolley, case history trolley, case history folder, infant trolley, mattress, sink, bedside cabinet/bedside locker, over bed table, instrument cabinet, equipment cabinet, drug tray shelf, ward screen, storage rack, medical ware, transfusion chair, chair, transfer stretcher, transfer trolley, operating connecting trolley, stretcher, stretcher trolley, accompany chair, footstool, infusion stand etc.

The company has advanced production equipment and thousands of sets of various molds, more than twenty injection molding machines, and full use of laser welding technology, so that the quality of the products produced can be fully guaranteed. The company is one of the first companies to implement JEMP. The company has existing JEMP industrialized assembly line production workshops, non-standard production workshops, sheet metal processing workshops, mold workshops, JEMP parts production workshops and injection molding workshops which can meet the production capacity needs of various customers.

The company's products are all independently designed and developed, and we can ensure that our products are constantly updated every year, so that our products are always in the forefront of the industry, at the same time, our company has applied for hundreds of national patents. At present, our company's products have been exported to all around the world, and have been widely recognized by Domestic and foreign customers to make our company have a certain position in the industry and in the market.

"We are manufacturing and know how to create" is our unchanging corporate tenet. Our company will give full play to its own advantages, continuous innovation and improvement and strive to make our company become a leading well-known enterprise in the production of medical, pension and beauty construction equipment industry.